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EasyPass aims to become the most extensive and organized collection of high quality, video based solutions to practice problems in the most challenging subjects curated by past and current tutors. Its mission is to ensure that students pass their hardest classes by giving them exposure to the types of problems they mostly likely will see on exams and homework assignments. Students will have the pleasure of enjoying various teaching styles from multiple instructors.

Master by example.

EasyPass facilitates a learning and studying environment based on the fundamental principle that we learn more effectively through examples and that we can master any concept if we have seen enough variation of it. Haven't we always been told that one of the best ways to study for an exam is to go over practice problems? You may start to notice that the more problems you practice with the more prepared you are for any new problem that is thrown at you. To master any subject, we need to allow our brain to make generalizations from several forms of the same material. With EasyPass, you can do just that. Students will be exposed to a growing collection of video-based, step-by-step solutions to practice problems of every type and difficulty that will aid them in passing their hardest classes. Content creators are incentivized to provide video walkthroughs to problems that may appear on exams and homework assignments where students can easily search by attributes such as school, assignment type and problem type. EasyPass aims to make it as easy as possible for students to find video solutions to problems that are identical (if not exact) to the ones they are having trouble with or may see on an upcoming exam. The most effective way to master any concept is by exposure to examples of all variety.

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